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adidas Originals - Snoop Dogg Live Chat | Video

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Gone were the days of MIRC and ICQ, but apparently, Internet trends survive on a bell curve, and chatting with strangers has once again been brought back to life, with new programs such as Chatroulette sweeping the web like an international sensation. However, one thing Chatroulette cannot offer (or perhaps it can, but the chances are probably slimmer than winning the grand prize for the lottery), is having a conversation with Snoop Dogg.

As adidas Originals continues to expand on their social media and creative marketing efforts, the sportswear giant is offering all residing on the adidas Originals neighborhood an opportunity to chat with its resident ambassador, Snoop Dogg, to celebrate adidas Originals facebook reaching 3 million connections. The chat will occur on June 29, with Snoop live from Amsterdam. All one has to do is to go to adidas Originals facebook page and sign up! Check out the video Snoop made for the event, and hurry up, click on over for the once in a blue moon opportunity to speak to Snoop.