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adidas Originals x Bar 25 - Johannesburg 24 | Video

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Johannesburg, affectionately known to some as Jozi or Jo'burg, is not only the largest city in South Africa, it is also one of the top 50 largest economies in the world, and the only city from Africa to have made it onto the list. Also, it is the home to the 2010 FIFA World Cup which is perhaps, the only thing that is occupying minds from all over the world, across age groups, gender and other dividing social strata. To celebrate the 2010 FIFA World Cup and also provide the citizens of Berlin a great place to watch soccer with a little slice of Johannesburg imported into their hometown, adidas Originals has partnered up with one of Berlin's most celebrated and vivid destinations, Bar 25, to create Johannesburg 24, a special event space for watching the World Cup, for hanging out, and general summer merriment.

Built like an eclectic and happy lopsided collage of huts that seems to only exist in fairy tales, Johannesburg 24 is a mishmash of tin roofs, abundance of celebratory, colorful lights and even more colorful walls pieced together in a haphazard perfection. Sure, the space is reminiscent of the RDP housing situated in the suburbs of Johannesburg, but the razzle dazzle of lights, bizzare rooms, secret spaces and doorways pay tribute the Johannesburg's diversity and passion.

Inside Johannesburg 24, one will find a generous 3x5 meter monitor so 800 people can sit in the arena without having to fight for a slice of view from the live broadcasts. In between the heated feet action and quest for world reign (at least in soccer terms), Johannesburg 24 also houses a pool site (to cool off overheated passion), skate ramp designed by former pro-skater, Lennie Burmeister, foosball table (for those who lack some feet-eye coordination or stamina but are not short on competitive spirit) and more.

If in Berlin, be in the know and watch the game not by yourself at home-- be social, and cheer with people who actually care about the sport.