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2010 Wimbledon Championship - John Isner Vs. Nicolas Mahut | Longest Tennis Match Ever

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John Isner exhausted (AELTC)

With all eyes on South Africa, most sports fans are missing the drama unfolding thousands of miles north, at Court 18 of Wimbledon. A modern day duel of wits, stamina, and strength, John Isner of United States and Nicolas Mahut of France edged out each other one serve at the time. While it wasn't new for the lesser known or unseeded tennis pro to advance into the 1 Round of a Grand Slam Championship, this one was quite unique. The marathon slugfest between Isner and Mahut is now in its 3rd Day! The drama brought on not by the infamous Wimbledon rain delays, but actual play of 10 HOURS! The scores were 6-4, 6-3, 7-6(7), 7-6(8), with each player gained 2 sets. To win the game, both players went into the fifth set, not knowing it would become the longest in tennis history. Played till the moon rose on both evenings, when the referee deemed it was too dark to continue, neither player is letting up and currently tied at 59-59 on the fifth set. The match will resume again this afternoon around 3:30 pm England time.

Records set by John Isner vs. Nicolas Mahut game thus far:

- Longest Playing Time At 9 Hours 58 Minutes (through 2 days)
- Number Of Points Played At 877
- Total Of Aces At 193 (Isner with 98, Mahut with 95)


Nicolas Mahut in disbelief (H. Blair/Getty)


Fatigue sets in on Nicolas Mahut (O. Schaff/Getty)


Nicolas Mahut simply couldn't end the set (ALTEC)