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ALIFE: Courtyard Session - DJ A-Trak + DRAKE | Video

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It was suppose to be the "opening act" for Summer 2010. Instead, it became a sea of disappointed fans as the purported "riotous situation" forced New York City Police to shut the free Drake concert at South Street Seaport down even before it got underway.  Fortunately, about 100+ New Yorkers were granted access to an intimate concert setting with the artist at ALIFE Courtyard Session.  Hosted by Umbro as part of the A.R.C. x Umbro World Champions Space, the transformed Astroturf pitch became concert central for the evening.  Featuring opening DJ duo, Vida & Valissa, with spinology extraordinaire DJ A-Trak as the headliner and of course, Drake.  Lyrical and rhyme, the master of thoughtful ode expressed gratitude to the crowd gathered, the pioneers that came before him, and the love he received from ALIFE.  In sum, a performance not likely forgotten, even by the most jaded New Yorkers, for a long time.