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CONVERSE Music Collaboration "Three Artists. One Song" | Kid Cudi Video

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A few days ago, we had unveiled the first part to Converse's latest summer music project, "Three Artists. One Song." featuring a video clip of Bethany from California's lo-fi band, Best Coast. Following up on the project which calls upon three of the world's most talented artists (Best Coast, Kid Cudi and Rostam Batmanglij) of different sounds to create a sonic collage of one song, Converse had just released the second introductory video to prep for the release of the final song, featuring Kid Cudi.

While Bethany and Best Coast were on their European tour in Hamburg when their video was documented, Kid Cudi was filmed exploring his hometown back in Cleveland, Ohio. In the video, Kid Cudi showed the audience the steps where he recorded his first rap with his friend's tape deck recorder. He reminisced about the first moments of discovering rap, wondering what he should rap about, and how rap proceeded to change his life-- where Kid Cudi struggled from day to day, busting tables but still had his music constantly on his mind. Check out Kid Cudi, hanging out in his old neighborhood, on stage, and stay tuned for the last installment of the video series featuring Rostam Batmanglij.