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Disney x Burton "Tron" Snowboard Boots

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28 years later, 1982 science fiction hit film, Tron, is finally coming back with sequel, Tron: Legacy, officially making the series one with the longest gap between the first live-action movie and its sequel in Hollywood history. In the upcoming Disney hit film, Tron: Legacy picks up years after where the film left off, as Kevin Flynn's now adult son, Sam Flynn looks into his father's disappearance into a world of fearsome programs and gladiatorial games, which his father has been residing in for the past 25 years. To celebrate the film's high anticipated release, Disney has announced a collaboration with snowboarding goods maker, Burton, to create a pair of "Tron" Snowboard Boots.

The "Tron" Snowboard boots are inspired by the film's retro futuristic look and feel, compete with a printed patent leather upper featuring streaks of cool turquoise mimicking the world of programs. Orange accents give the boots its extra pop and the lining and stitching are rendered in a matching light blue. Meant to look like "something out of the future" but seen through the eyes of a "snowboarder in 1982", these are a great addition for snowboarders with a slight geeky kid living inside them still. Set to drop at select Burton retailers this winter, do keep an eye out for them as well as the film set to drop on December 17.