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G-Shock: Messenger In New York City | Video

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Surprisingly, in the world's arguably greatest city, its citizens and visitors are plagued by an ailing subway system whose only consistency is that it is inconsistent, and cabs that never seem to be available. Hence, more often than not, one's own two feet are more reliable than any kind of public transportation. However, for those who might have underestimated the size of Manhattan, thinking it is just an island, it would be near impossible to trek from one end of it to the other end without losing significant time and breathe, and muscle mass. So, biking has fast become one of the most favored way to commute by those residing in New York City. But before the biking boom, those who learned how to appreciate the deftness and freedom of two wheels are the messengers who deliver things from point A to point B on time. Joey Krillz is a bicycle messenger in New York City, and in this short film powered by G-Shock, we follow Krillz on his delivery trips through the city, watch him as he defy traffic, pedestrians, road rules, and sometimes gravity. Enjoy!