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Nike Basketball Kobe "Banner" T-Shirt | Coming Soon

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With a magical (sure, some Lakers' evangelists might argue it is a sheer, tangible force and the victory was as concrete as having been written in the skies by the basketball gods) Game 7 win against the Lakers' long time arch enemy, the Celtics, last week, Kobe Bryant has finally acquired the fifth ring to fill up his first hand and the Lakers have 16 banners to hang up. Didn't think the game was that game-changing? Game 7 has not only won championship ratings for ABC, it has also created a Twitter record. To celebrate the formidable Lakers, Nike Basketball has created the Kobe "Banner" T-Shirt, in the royal Lakers purple and yellow, with all 16 Lakers banners lined up to create the outline of "16". Perhaps Celtics fans may find this t-shirt slightly ostentatious, but chances are, it may be all about the green and the lucky clovers next year. The Kobe "Banner" T-Shirt will be hitting Nike Stores soon, so watch the site like a hawk to not miss out on celebrating the win for the next few months.