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adidas adiCup x Maestro Knows - Tour De Maestro | London

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First and foremost, if you see a videographer running towards the action at this weekend's adiCup in Herzogenaurach, wish him a "Happy Birthday"!  As the preparation for the anticipated final in adidas's hometown gets underway, Maestro Knows published his latest account from the majestic Somerset House for the London leg of the tournament series.  Now, being the home of soccer hooliganism, you would think plenty of roughhousing would take place.  Instead, the sideline were as courteous as the Queens' entourage, albeit an occasional shouts of support. The players on the field replied in kind as well, doing their best to win that coveted trip to Herzo.

The trip to Royalist's home also brought a sense of affinity between Maestro and fans of the program.  This latest installment had Maestro muted throughout, along with any background noise.  Instead, a virtual "soapbox" passed on to the gathering fans where they voice their love for the show.  A gesture to the homegrown nature of how Maestro Knows came about.  Forever grateful, he ended hours ago with this message on his Facebook

Forget it even being my bday i'm just so thankful God has given me the best life, the best career, the best girl, the best heart and so much else, so much family and opportunities, life is to be loved and to be cherished.

Well spoken indeed...