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FADER Magazine - Behind The Scenes With M.I.A. | Video

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We recently showed you some shots from M.I.A.'s New York Times Magazine spread by Ryan McGinley, and now the folks at the Fader have shared some behind the scenes shots of Leonie Purchas' shoot for their 68th issue. M.I.A.'s single XXXO is hitting all radio stations in many formats--from urban to pop (if there's still any distinction). Recently, a remix with Jay-Z hit the net as well. We will be seeing more of her as the push for her album, MAYA, gains steam. If you remember back to the Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape with Diplo, you may remember thinking, "What is this gal wearing?." Her first Fader shoot had her in watermelon leggings and huge t-shirts waaay before that was cool. So don't flinch when you see her rockin' a stuffed fish on her shirt in this shoot, because you may have one just like it in 5 years! via FADER