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iPhone 4 Release | iPhrenzy Lives On

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If one walked by an Apple store or a Best Buy yesterday morning on the way the work, the convolution of lines snaking along outside the stores would have come as no surprise, since it is quite impossible to not know that yesterday was the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 4. After a saga of lost prototypes, and finally the unveiling of the highly coveted phone no too long ago, and some massive onslaught of pre-orders proceeded to crash the Apple and Best Buy website, the phone is finally available for pick up, and Apple fans are prepared to stand in line for as long as it takes to bring the beloved gadget home.

In New York City, the sun beat down in an unforgiving manner on the patient consumers yesterday, some walking away in happiness, some in disappointment. How about today? Apparently, the line is still as long, but at least at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store, the pre-order line has ceased to exist, but some 120 people have still turned up despite the slightly shady weather. Some of the people have been waiting since 5.30am, and despite some unfortunate news about external antenna issues and slight discoloration on displays, and having only the 32 gig version left, people still want their iPhone 4. By the looks of it, many have speculated that more people will be taking off work early today to get their iPhone 4 fixes. images via: Racked