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Maiden Noir Summer 2010 San Juan Islands | Available Now

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A story stranger than fiction, to start a war over a pig? In 1859, an archipelago off Washington state, San Juan Islands, triggered an international crisis between the then new republic of United States and its former master, England. Already a disputed territory, when an American farmer shot a pig in the claim it ate his vegetables. The circumstance spiraled further when the owner of the pig, a loyalist, filed a formal complaint against the American farmer with the British authority. A threat of arrest followed soon by call to arms by both nations. Cooler heads prevailed with no shots ever fired. Though the episode does highlight the length men go to sometimes to seek war.

Seeing much calmer these days, clothier Maiden Noir adept the San Juan Islands as the theme to its summer 2010 collection. A leisurely go around along the shorelines or stroll along piers, the San Juan Islands are now a popular destination for weekend getaway. And so a light fare of Landcaster Plaid Shirt (made from Japanese Madras) and Engineer Field Shorts (also made with Japanese fabric) are the perfect pairing to that long awaited trip. To fend off those unexpected rolling fogs, the new Deck Hand Jacket might just be the solution. In all, through their clothing, the design duo at Maiden Noir allows anyone to spend glorious summer weekend at San Juan Islands without ever-set foot there. The Maiden Noir Summer 2010 Collection is now available at its online store and authorized retailers around the country.