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CLOT x adidas NBA 67 Jersey

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The 2010 FIFA World Cup has been nothing but a big upset. France and Italy went home early, and USA finally broke their streak of miracles. Sure, a good portion of the world is out of home teams to support, but many can still have their minds wrapped around Brazil, everyone's second favorite team (unless you are from Brazil). However, CLOT still has their mind on the NBA Finals which had just ended in Kobe securing his fifth ring and Lakers hanging up the 16th banner. And to commemorate the sport, and celebrate their love for it despite the season's end, they have partnered up with adidas to remake the NBA 67 jersey.

The CLOT x adidas NBA 67 jersey comes co-branded in two colorways. One with a weaved red, white and blue plaid stamped with gold and black embroidered letters, and the other is a clean white and gold version featuring "CLOT" rendered in traditional calligraphy. While the first colorway pays tribute to Hong Kong, the other pays tribute to the sport with "SOLDIER" featured in gold embroidery on the back. Still reminiscing for NBA and can't really wait a few more months before you get back into the game? Wear a jersey and live vicariously through it for the time being!