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Loopwheeler 11th Anniversary T-Shirt | Available Now

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It has been 11 years since Loopwheeler has been in business, and that also means that the world has been enjoying the grace of the soft spun fleece from Loopwheeler looms for more than a decade as well. To celebrate 11 years of being in business and also show appreciation of the support from fans and retailers, Loopwheeler has released a collection of commemorative 11th Anniversary t-shirts. The sporty jersey-styled t-shirts are crafted from Loopwheeler's signature simple blend of colors--the trusted navy, white and grey, with an occasional pop of yellow. There are three different numbers for the t0shirts, "4", "5", "08" and "11", each representing the year in business in which Loopwheeler received support from Fukuoka, Sendagaya, and Nakameguro respectively. The t-shirts are currently available for purchase in stores, so celebrate the 11 years of Loopwheeler magic with some soft t-shirts that you will want to live in and never take off.