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New York City - New Subway Map + Services Changes

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As if the nightmarish scenarios played out to thousands commuters in New York City weren't enough. The Almighty up above dispatched late afternoon thunderstorm, a terrible closing note to the first business day of the new subway and bus plans. Similar to other major cities around the world, New York City had to go under certain austerity and budget constraint after the recession hit in 2008. Unlike other cities of the world, however, New York City does not control its own public transportation system. Instead, the responsibility falls under an intrastate agency, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). In the face of its largest deficiency of funds, the MTA made plans to drastically cut back on services, even eliminate lines and bus routes. That plan went ahead yesterday, a Sunday, but the full blunt of the changes was not till today when commuters (and tourists) had to deal with the aftermath. A glimmer from this? New maps, including a new subway map.

More defined fonts and street details, the MTA stated the new map is more accurate in pinpointing locations around the city. To boot, a soothing green color scheme for landmass replaced the old, sharpening yellow colorways. albeit less routes and lines going to less places. New Yorkers, take notice however, the MTA is currently in discussion for a 2nd round of cuts in services and routes. To download the latest Bus and Subway Maps, go here.