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2010 FIFA World Cup | Brand Wars

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If you have resided on the stateside, and is either newly initiated into the joys of soccer or doesn't quite care about it; or, if you are a veteran of  FIFA World Cup game-viewing and is looking for a fresh perspective, we came across a wonderful bracket on Hirofumi Kiyonaga's (man behind SOPH. and SOPHNET) blog on honeyee.

Instead of tracing the advancement of teams, this labels the teams by their sponsors, and perhaps, there is some kind of logic to this brand wars bracket. Since the brands do supply the goods to enhance natural talent and performance, maybe checking out the gear is a better predictor of who will bring home the 2010 FIFA World Cup trophy currently traveling in a Louis Vuitton case. With all the upsets and erratic results fluttering about the World Cup at the moment, we suggest filling out this just for fun to see who might end up the champion.