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FUJIFILM - Instax 7S Pink

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Instax 7S Pink 6

The Polaroid made shooting instantly fun, however Fujifilm put the pop aesthetic into the instant camera scene. Fuji Instax is also known as the Cheki, made famous and popular by the Japanese photographer Yone. Newest addition to the Cheki family is the younger sister in a pink colorway that would appeal to the female users. Its exterior is predominantly white while the grip is a bubbly translucent pink, and shutter release is baby pink in color. All the functionality are the same as the rest of the series including flash and various shooting modes. What's also interesting is that this addition is the most wallet friendly, thus making it more accessible than ever. via: Lomography

Instax 7S Pink

Instax 7S Pink 2

Instax 7S Pink 3

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