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HECTIC x mita sneakers x New Balance - MT580 10th Anniversary 2nd Versions

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One of the most sought after models from the HECTIC x mita sneakers x New Balance MT580 collection has been revived as part of the collaboration's 10th anniversary celebration. The second version is a pair of sneakers that was also highly requested by fans, and now comes perfectly recreated down to the original box design. These sneakers give an insight to the days when color schemes were simple but on point. A lighter MT580 Tricolor version appears as a contrast to the MT580 Military version in darker olive tones. As with the first versions, the insoles feature custom designs showing an archive that span 50 models deep. via: Re.Ark

MT850 Tricolor

MT850 Tricolor 2

MT850 Tricolor 3

MT850 Tricolor 4

MT850 Tricolor 5

MT850 Tricolor 6

MT850 Military 7

MT850 Military

MT850 Military 2

MT850 Military 3

MT850 Military 4

MT850 Military 5

MT850 Military 6