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Nike Varsity Destroyer Women's Jacket

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Sure the WNBA is somewhat like the neglected child of sports, but anyone who has actually seen the games, can tell you the ladies are pretty good at their game. So, who is to say that the ladies are not athletic and don't have sports spirit? For the women who rally for their teams and exercise serious loyalty towards their teams, Nike has just released new colorways of the women's version of its popular Varsity Destroyers Jacket. This time around, the classic sportswear piece is cut slimmer to fit the ladies, and comes with details one love about the classic American sportswear piece. Red and white accents on ribbed cuffs, collars and logo patches dress up the sleek silver body. Buy one, wear to all sporting events for the rest of the summer. Just make sure you have your colors right.Available now at Schuh-You.