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RANSOM by adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010 - The Crest

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After previewing the low-top Strata, here we have another glimpse into the upcoming collection from RANSOM by adidas Originals. And once again, RANSOM brings their North American outdoor expertise into the game, and adidas puts the urban touch to the great outdoors, creating a hybrid that will work just as well in the woods after the rain on a truffle hunt (if people ever do that, and if by a miraculous chance, truffles appeared in Canada, but these are beside the point). The classic rubber outdoor boot silhouette has been streamlined slightly for The Crest, but the tough color-blocking remains. Instead of having a rubber toe, the entire boot is made out of leather, and given thick soles that will withstand hikes through jungles both natural and urban. Rope laces complete the look, and we can already imagine an urban explorer who hangs tough, and is always ready, pulling these over a trusted pair of olive khakis or corduroys for fall. images via: Glltn



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