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CLOT x Levi's x MEDICOM TOY - Exotic Fruits BE@RBRICK Collection

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The end of winter also marks the end of the season of boring fruits (apples and oranges are just...well, apples and oranges), and summer brings interesting produce into season. For instance, dragon fruit-- a succulent being named after a mythical creature but looks like a bomb of a flower? Yes, please! To celebrate summer and exotic produce, Hong Kong's CLOT has teamed up with Levi's and MEDICOM TOY to create a series of playful Be@rbricks inspired by some of the coolest fruits in season. The pack of little vinyl bears comes in four fruity renditions-- Melon, Dragon Fruit, Pineapple and Mangosteen. These playful companions come in two sizes, the ultra portable 100% and the more prominent 400%. The pack of vitamin C goodness will be hitting racks on July 8, so get your dose of immunity against strange diseases with some tropical action this summer.