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DaM-Funk x Dr. Martens - Live DJ Set at 1621 Haight Street

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The Los Angeles "Amabassador of Boogie Funk", Dãm-Funk will be taking his modern boogie vibes to the Dr. Martens Store in San Francisco at 1621 Haight Street tomorrow at 6.30PM. For those who are not familiar with Dãm-Funk, this is the man who has masterfully remixed boogie with modern soul, and gave it a good dash of electro funk, providing the world with some happy, feel-good tunes that are easy on the mind and ears. Think psychedelic space funk, if there is a sound that can be described by those three words. Regardless, after Dãm-Funk's set, he will be hosting a meet and greet session with the fans.

Aside from a meet and greet and a chance to enjoy the wonders of Dãm-Funk live, there will also be various giveaways at the event such as table service at Dãm-Funk's Mezzanine show, a pair of signed Dr. Martens, and a chance to win Dr. Martens gift certificate by showing up at the Mezzanine show rocking the Docs.

Dãm-Funk Live DJ Set At The Dr. Martens Store

Dr. Martens Store
1621 Haight Street | Map
San Francisco, CA 94117

Event Date: July 1st (Tomorrow!) | 6:30 pm