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Droid Incredible by Verizon & HTC

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I've had the pleasure of using the Verizon/HTC Droid Incredible for the past few weeks and was so happy with the 8 megapixel on board camera I decided to take it along while traveling. While my day to day phone is a Blackberry, I've used the iPhone and the Microsoft KIN phones in the past and most recently the massively popular Droid Incredible, it's often sold out at most Verizon retailers. HTC loaded the Incredible making it one of the fastest and feature rich smart phones on the market with the latest hardware and one of the best phone cameras. The phone is on the latest Android OS and runs extremely smooth going from app to app and can even multitask. One of the key features of the Android software is the fully customizable home screen where you can keep a majority of your most useful apps right at your finger tips. While the main home screen has some of the most important data such as the date, time, weather and a handful of apps there are an additional six screens to place more apps. One screen could be for the mail app, another could be a to do list but my favorite is the ability to create a screen full of times from around the world (see below). Earlier this month published an article on 10 things Android does better than iPhone OS (before the release of the iPhone 4 and iOS4 and most of those points still stand true), this is worth a read if you are considering the Droid Incredible. For more details including photos and tech specs please visit





On the next page are a selection of photos from Hong Kong taken with the Droid Incredible.