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New York City's Only Bicycle Track - Kissena Velodrome | Video

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An extremely brave attempt worthy of applause and replays, Austrian by blood, New Yorker by residency, photographer and videographer Mike Klobal has accomplished what most would fear to do-- strap Panasonic GH1 complete with lenses to a bike, and go riding on New York City's only bicycle track, the Kissena Velodrome. Going at full speed, the camera came loose after one lap, and the camera and lenses crashed to the ground. Luckily, they survived, and the result of Klobal's amazing journey and foolhardy (or brilliant, but it is a thin line between those two) act of strapping expensive equipment to a bicycle with little more than a few ingenious mounts, is this gorgeous video which also showcased rider Thomas Hassler, who in Klobal's own words, "does not sweat and does not rest". Enjoy!