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Nitraid - New 2010 Summer Shirts

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Summer might just be the best season for streetwear brands as their core collection is focused on t-shirts. Nitraid is back to assault this season once again with their strong pieces. Here we take a look at the latest releases from the 2010 Summer drops.

The ever timeless bandanna pattern fabric is made into patchwork style for the original Bandana Patch Work Short Sleeve Shirt. Black base fabric is printed with white bandanna pattern. Basic shirt silhouette is maintained, which allows the custom fabric to stand out. On the other hand, the Greenman t-shirt is a superhero inspired illustration of a fictional Greenman character. These come in three colorways, black, white and gray t-shirt body with contrasting front print. via: ARKWAX

Bandana Patch Work Shirt

Bandana Patch Work Shirt 2

Greenman T-Shirt Gray

Greenman T-Shirt Gray 2

Greenman T-Shirt Black

Greenman T-Shirt White