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Pharrell Williams - New Tracks In Despicable Me | Music

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For those on the animated track for summer movies, Despicable Me starring Steve Carrell will be hitting theaters extremely soon on Jul 9. The movie detailing a despicable neighbor's heist to steal the moon (but of course, three little orphan girls would cause him to reconsider his evil plans), features a few great tracks from Pharrell Williams. Pharrell produced, wrote and performed some of the tracks, and he had also written and produced "My Life", sung by Robin Thicke. Last but not least, Pharrell had also teamed up with Lupe Fiasco to co-write and produce The Minons' Minon Mambo. Nah Right had posted the tracks up and they are currently available for your sonic pleasure over there. So, enjoy! via: Nah-Right