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Ron Artest x T-Pain - "Champions" Performance at J Lounge | Video

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Before Ron Artest was a problematic basketball player whom we vacillate between love and hate at extremely high frequencies, and before he took home his first NBA championship ring, hugged the trophy and stood alongside Kobe, he aspired to be a rapper. Yes, you heard it right, Artest could have been on MTV and stealing the spotlight at the VMAs instead of stealing rebounds and making magical shots. And living true to his passion, we discovered what Artest would be doing before NBA gets fired up all over again-- he will be rapping. Right after the Lakers won the right to hang up their 16th banner, Artest released a song he had written a year ago, "Champions". And on June 25, Artest partnered up with T-Pain to perform the song at J Lounge. The videos document Artest's rapping prowess. Do you think Artest can deliver a rhyme like he can score on court?