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Tokishirazu x Maruwakaya - Apple iPhone Case

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Maruwakaya iPhone Case 2

It is a beautiful thing when tradition meets modern technology. The iPhone is no doubt one of the forerunners of the latest gadgets and the multitudes of apps allow for absolute freedom and customization by its owner. On the outside, the owner is free to express his or her personality on the phone as well. The external case used to express the owners tastes is almost an extension of the owner. For who lean towards the subtle and understated, these new Tokishirazu cases may be of interest. Japanese select shop Tokishirazu has worked with traditional Japanese craft company Maruwakaya to come up with various versions of the handmade iPhone cases for 3G and 3GS phones. The style derives from 400 year old traditional techniques and each black case is detailed in navy dot patterns for a touch of oriental sophistication. It also comes packaged in a custom wooden box that is branded with Tokishirazu logo on the front.

Maruwakaya iPhone Case

Maruwakaya iPhone Case 3