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2010 FIFA World Cup | Brand Wars Continues

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Netherlands, Brazil, Uruguay, Ghana, Argentina, Germany, Paraguay, Spain; or, Nike, Nike, Puma, Puma, adidas, adidas, adidas, adidas-- if you want to a new way to think about the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the teams as we had previously introduced, via the genius of Hirofumi Kiyonaga of SOPH. and SOPHNET. As 2010 FIFA World Cup officially heats up, and those who had proven themselves have made it through second round (Sorry, Japan, it was a good fight though!) and will be kicking off the quarterfinals starting tomorrow, fighting to be amongst the four to be in the semifinals, Kiyonaga has updated his Brand Wars bracket. Check it to see if your predictions had pulled through, and fill the rest out for a quick dose of fun. Perhaps a fresh perspective is all you need to accurately predict the champion. Logic be gone!