ILoveDust Sunglasses Case


From the folks who brought us wonderful things we couldn't take our eyes off such as the hyper Japanese animated Nike Chase video, the Jordan Murals for select lucky public basketball courts, and too many other great things to name, creative agency ilovedust has decided to take their artful imagination somewhere else, somewhere sunny, and somewhere season appropriate. Think the folks at ilovedust are just making sunglasses? Now that would be too obvious. The folks have decided to create some whimsical, soft, handmade, screen printed canvas cases for different types of classic shades. The one with a wayfarer printed on it, is of course, home for the wayfarer; and the one with an aviator, for the aviators (not the kinds that fly, though these shades do live up to the word). Ditch the bulky cases and opt for one that can be tossed around in your bags without taking up an obscene amount of space. Check them out at ILoveDust!