NBA Free Agency Begins Today - ESPN Free Agency Dime


As of 12.01am earlier today, LeBron James is released from his contract to the Cleveland Cavaliers and is now free to shop around as he wants. Sure, Free Agency began today with several key players perhaps looking for a new home, and according to ESPN, there are roughly eight great players out there right now. So, a few questions to be asked as the Free Agency game rolls out includes: 1. Where will King James play next season? Is it the Heat, the Bulls, the Knicks(if C'mon LeBron campaign works and there is enough incentive for LeBron to head to the Big Apple), or staying with the Cavaliers (will the choir of Cleveland voices be persuasive enough for him to stay)? 2. Will LeBron, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh end up together at Miami Heat, despite the team's inability to offer maximum contract to all three players?

Of course, other issues such as teams without cap space working with sign-and-trade possibilities also turn up to shape the game, but for now, perhaps the biggest question still lies with LeBron (all the others will have to queue up behind him). Check out ESPN's Free Agency Dime article and video which has compiled a rather comprehensive list of things to watch out for and opinions from experts in the field. While this is all fun, anticipation and speculation at the moment, we really won't know until LeBron comes out with a public statement (some anticipating sometime around July 3 or July 4 as he makes his way around the teams to discuss his future), and sealing the deal on July 8.