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Paul Rodriguez x Don Pendleton x Mountain Dew Green Label Art Shop Series | Video

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The Mountain Dew artist collaborations are back! After quite an extensive collection last summer, having worked with renowned artists such as Claw Money, this year, Mountain Dew has roped in Nike Sb pro-skater, Paul Rodriguez, and skateboarder/artist, Don Pendleton, to design a can to serve as an inspiration for 35 shops across the United States who will be submitting their own can designs. These designs will be posted online and everyone can participate at Green Label Art to vote for their favorite, which will be produced for stores nationwide. Those who register to vote will stand a chance to win various prizes such as VIP passes to the Dew Tour stops. To celebrate this collaboration with P-Rod and Pendleton, Mountain Dew has released a commercial featuring Paul Rodriguez on his deck and a behind-the-scenes video which details the working process for Pendleton and P-Rod. Check out the videos, and enjoy the whimsical tribal characters that will be residing on Mountain Dew cans.