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Shepard Fairey - Limited Edition Iggy Pop Canvas Print | Available Now

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To what extent will an artist go for his or her art? For Shepard Fairey, it is about breaking the mold of the so called "elitist structure of the high art", as he duel and lost in his copyright contest with Associated Press. For punk rocker Iggy Pop,  born as James Osterberg, Jr, it is the push to the boundary between delirium and reality, a way to metamorphose emotions to his audience. And if it means for him to contort his body painfully or dive into the madden crowd below him, so be it. Those ideals, in expressions similar yet far apart, have made Fairey and Pop comrades in arms. For a gesture of his long standing admiration, Fairey created a canvas print of the punk pioneer.

Screen print on 18" x 24" paper canvas, with the depiction of Iggy Pop in 1977 by photographer Ed Perlstein, the image first debut during Shepard Fairey's May Day Exhibition in New York City. Now available at OBEY online store, with only 450 produced. Each signed and numbered by the artist.