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Apple Of My Eye - A Film Shot & Edited Entirely On iPhone 4 | Video

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Certainly plenty of detractors are taking in the latest SNAFUS by Apple over the iPhone 4 reception issue. However, look beyond the headlines, the talking heads, and lawsuits, you will find a phone with the capacity to do more than any others out in the market today. A grand case to that point, Apple of My Eye (no pun intended), a sleekly done short film by Anna Elizabeth James and Michael Koerbel, done entirely on iPhone 4 in 48-hour.

Currently graduate students at renowned USC School of Cinematic Arts, James and Koerbel, along with a motley crew of supporters: Koerbel's father and sister, fellow students Eric Edmonds and Corey Wallace, conceived a short, wordless dialog between a man's past and present. In that brief few minutes, we see not only the subject's memories of his beloved model train collection, but the range of potentials the iPhone 4 can achieve. The fact is, without the subtext or the title head, one would never know the short was done entirely on the phone in a 48-hour time period. So enjoy and relish on the behind the scene feature afterward. via: UNION LA

Directed by Michael Koerbel
Produced by Eric Edmonds and Rebekah Koerbel
Written by Anna Elizabeth James and Michael Koerbel
Photographed by Michael Koerbel
Edited by Anna Elizabeth James
Production Design by Leigh Koerbel
Original Score Composed and Conducted by Corey Wallace

Starring Greta Charness and Timothy Guest

Special thanks to
Allied Model Trains, Culver City, CA
Birns & Sawyer, Burbank, CA
Michael Rogers
Greta's Parents