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Disney x Casio x Jam Home Made x SHIPS JET BLUE - Mickey Mouse G-Shock DW-5600

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Japanese jewelery brand Jam Home Made worked with Disney and Casio to produce some custom designed watches. The dial graphics looks like a retro toy watch for children and the simple illustration style adds an unique feel that have not been pursued by DW-5600 or any other G-Shocks in the past. With all other details blacked out, the watch almost does not look like a G-Shock from afar. Select store and in-house brand SHIPS JET BLUE have managed to make some limited edition watches with their own little twist. The LCD back lighting have been modified to light up in red Mickey icon and the back casing have a Ships Jet Blue etching to signify the collaboration project. These will be release around early September and SHIPS JET BLUE online store on ZOZOTOWN is currently taking pre-orders.


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