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Nike - Ball Man Sculpture In Johannesburg | 5,500 Soccer Balls

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5,500 lucky participants will receive a free souvenir to take home on July 11th, the day when fate decide a victor on the pitch of Soccer City. In addition, a day where Nike celebrates the FIFA World Cup final with the giant Ball Man sculpture. Dangling high above Carlton Centre shopping mall in Johannesburg, the Ball Man is an experiment in ingenuity and coordination. By deconstructing a 3-D image and reconstituted  from 5,500 Nike soccer ball, the Ball Man is held up by around 10 miles of cable. The sculpture is about 21 meters in height and weighs in at 4.75-ton (who knew soccer balls could weigh that much) As mentioned before, 5,500 participants will walk home with a soccer ball when Nike begins to disassemble the giant sculpture. In the meantime, enjoy the last 10 days of World Cup festivities and cheer on the last 8 teams to the championship.