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Paper Freedom Gundam

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Think it's child's play to build a model anime robot? For those who have attempted to build a plastic Gundam model would know that assembling ten thousand (Perhaps an exaggeration, but it sure feels as endless as that) tiny plastic pieces is no easy feat. Just making sure every piece is present is hard work enough. However, there VisualSpicer who attempted a even more complex project, first built a regular Freedom Gundam model, rendered into a 3D file on the computer, dissected into 500 pieces, 175 printed pages, then painstakingly assembled into a four feet model. Check out the video detailing the agonizing steps that went into the making of this Paper Free Gundam. As much as we do enjoy this project, his effort and the results, it is difficult not to revel in the fact that we are not him. via: Gizmowatch