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VANS Syndicate x Luke Meier - Zero Lo

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Zero Lo Golden Brown 4

The Zero Lo is a completely new model designed from ground up by Luke Meier of Supreme and Vans Syndicate. Design cues are taken from classic footwear and it combines dress shoes and boots like details that lends itself perfectly on the standard white vulcanized sole. Premium suede material have been chosen for the whole upper section apart from the side reinforcement that looks to be smooth leather. Same leather accent is used on the heel section creating a distinct rear view. Pair of laces are packaged together in white or similar color to the upper color. The sneakers come packaged in a simple white box and white shoe bag detailed by Vans Syndicate graphics. via: Premier

Zero Lo Golden Brown 2

Zero Lo Golden Brown

Zero Lo Golden Brown 3

Zero Lo Burgundy 2

Zero Lo Burgundy

Zero Lo Burgundy 4

Zero Lo Burgundy 3

Zero Lo Black

Zero Lo Black 1

Zero Lo Black 3

Zero Lo Black 2

Zero Lo Box