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Music: M.I.A. - Teqkilla Remix ft. Nicky Minaj


A few days back, we hit you with the new M.I.A. track called Teqkilla and now pop music's go-to gal of the moment, Nikki Minaj, hops on the remix to build the hype for the /\/\/\Y/\ (MAYA) album which hits stores in Japan on this Wednesday and will appear in stores in the rest of the planet on July 13th. This remix follows a new trend for M.I.A. of guest spots of high-profile people in the music business, as Jay-Z jumped on the more pop-friendly "XXXO" remix a few weeks after the track popped up. This track, which is certainly more unconventional than "XXXO," features a verse from Nikki who infuses her usual over-inflected style of the industrial, future-forward beat. Be on the lookout for more high-profile remixes as the album rolls out.