Nike Stadium - "Dress Of A Nation" by Pfadfinderei + Apparat and Phon.o | Video


According to Nike Stadiums, the visual genius of Pfadfinderei and the sonic charms of Apparat and Phon.o, the National Team Kits are more than just t-shirts to wear on court. They have a deeper metaphoric significance than that. They are about courage, they are about a vision, they are about loyalty, and above all, it is the dress of a nation. When Nike Stadiums opened in Berlin, Pfadfinderei and Apparat and Phon.o came together to create an installation piece for the Firmament space, and here is the video created by the duo. There are no goals scored, but there is a stadium and enough complex frames that will instill a new excitement in all, as the 2010 FIFA World Cup nears a close.