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HECTIC - July 2010 | New Releases

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The HECTIC brand from Tokyo still keeps their graphics simple and bold and it reminisces of the 90's, which was one of the golden eras of skateboarding and street culture. It is also inspired by the music of the by gone era such as The Who inspired Slogan t-Shirt and Rolling Stones influenced Rolling Suddles t-Shirts. The Wife Beater tank tops are printed with a rearrangement of a familar logo of a fashion house that was big in the 90's. Other graphics also samples from various other iconic graphic styles from the 80's and 90's. All of the items are currently available at the HECTIC online store and stockists.

Slogan T-Shirt White

Slogan T-Shirt Gray

Slogan T-Shirt Black

Rolling Suddles T-Shirt White

Rolling Suddles T-Shirt Kelly

Rolling Suddles T-Shirt Blue

Rolling Suddles T-Shirt Black

Psychedelic Lettering T-Shirt White

Psychedelic Lettering T-Shirt Gray

Numero Uno T-Shirt White

Numero Uno T-Shirt Red

Numero Uno T-Shirt Black

3 Pack Wife Beater Tank Tops

3 Pack Watchmen Tank Tops