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Recycled Cardboard Harley Davidson

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Is there anything that can't be made out of paper? Be it a useful disposable omelet pan or something more decorative like the paper Freedom Gundam we had reported on earlier, it seems like paper can be rendered into everything. And what's next? A car? A building perhaps? Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, cardboard boxes have been transformed into a visual replica of the iconic Americana mode of transportation, the Harley Davidson.

Kenny Scott couldn't bear the thought of cardboard boxes going to waste, so he decided to give them a new life and mold them into a life-size replica of a Harley Davidson ride. Everything down to the spokes and wheels have been mimicked to a near pinpoint precision. It comes as no surprise that the paper Harley built out of cardboard, paper glue and craft knife won best in show at the University of Central Lancashire's end of the year exhibition. via: Auto Motto