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SALEWA x Carhartt Sleeping Bag

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If only Colonel Fawcett had this sleeping bag when he went on his quest for the lost city of Z, he might have been able to somewhat fend himself off from some creepy crawlies that managed to induce some pretty gnarly tropical diseases (imagine maggots crawling out of your skin). Well, perhaps, the protection wouldn't have been that magical in the Amazon, but the new Carhartt Sleeping Bag as produced by one of the best mountaineering company, SALEWA, promises as comfortable a sleep as you are able to get in the wilderness.

The new sleeping bag is based on the Sigma Flex 1 model which is designed with comfort and rest and recuperation in mind-- very important when on an outdoor adventure. It is 190cm long, hence quite sufficiently roomy for most, comes with a signature Flex Zone which promises restful sleep. 3D features such as 3D zip coverage and 3D thermal collar add to the level of comfort. Inner pockets ensure that your belongings are safe and sound when you are snoozing. This sleeping bag is also breathable, and has a temperature range of -15 to +5 degrees.

The bag is simple in black and orange with Carhartt and SALEWA's logo printed on it. It is available in stores now for all your summer camping adventures, so if you are looking for a sturdy sleeping bag, look no further.