Nike Stadium - Brazil + Japan = Tulio | Video


Marcus Tulio Tanaka may not have a chance to shine at this year's 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals, or even the semi-finals, but it doesn't detract from the fact that the Japanese Brazilian soccer player is still one of the most skilled players around. As a part of Nike Stadiums' 6 Playmakers, 6 Nike Stadiums project, Nike Stadiums brought us a time-lapse video which gives us an behind-the-scenes look at a mural created to express Tulio's eclectic life and interesting upbringing. Brazilian and Japanese artists such as Fantasista Utamaro x Titi Freak, Mikito Ozeki, Daisuke Gemma, KTa☆brasil, SKYFISH have all put their two cents into a documentary directed by Santiago Stelly. Also Fantasista Utamaro and Titi Freak have brought their creative two cents and paintbrushes with them to create a live mural painting to express Tulio's life. Enjoy!