VBS x Nike Stadium - Playmakers - Paris


Continuing on Nike Stadium and VBS' journey through playmakers of different Nike Stadiums around the world, we have passed by Brazil, Japan, Milan, and is now onto Paris, the City of Lights. In this ultra romantic city, there resides Korean artist Sanghon Kim. Kim's work is dark, hyper-mystic and extremely romantic. Through his work, he attempts to find light through darkness. His concept of darkness is neither about pain nor suffering, and Nike thought of him when they embarked on the "Black Magic" project which centers around the "group of death", Brazil, Ivory Coast and Portugal. This video interviews Kim, and he discusses his involvement in the project to great details, his inspiration and his work outside of this project. Also, various Parisian creatives also appear in the short film, taking the audience through the most diverse and creative nooks and crannies of Paris.