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60-Foot Gundam Exhibit at Shizuoka City | Video

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Last year, this guy was quite a formidable presence at Tokyo's Odaiba. Or was it this guy? Sure, they are both incredibly mammoth and gave the world a taste of what the world would be like if Gundam was actually real. This time around, a 60-foot Gundam complete with a lethal beam saber (what the Gundam last year lacked) is ready to invade another part of Japan-- Shizuoka City. The mastermind behind this gargantuan model is designer Yoshiyuki Tomino, and the sculpture is erected by Japanese company Bandai, which is both a toy and video game company. The model is set to be show for public viewing starting July 24 and will be available all the way through to January next year. Check out the picture preview and also a video of the new and improved Gundam.via: Gizmowatch