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JanSport - Right Pack Signature Project Collaboration

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Remember your Sharpie-attacked Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Top and patched JanSport backpack from the days of yore of high school lore? Sure, your kicks and your pack may look war torn back then, but they are full of character and each patch and each insanely Sharpie-d mark is packed with stories. Sadly, if you still tote those around, people may not think too highly of your impeccable dressing style. Bringing a little customization nostalgia back, JanSport has partnered up with five retailers to create the Right Pack Signature Project.

This project calls on five key retailers-- Familia Skateboard Shop, Kicks Hawaii, Major, Maven and True-- and has each store design an embroidered patch that are each applied to the classic JanSport Right Pack. These packs will be available for purchase at participating retailers starting Jul 15. Each patch is designed to embrace the culture of each boutique's unique local culture, so check out the patches, and get a little nostalgic with JanSport this summer.