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Wurst Editions x OUTLIER - Wurst Outlier Shorts | Available Now

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Preferences about one's wardrobe varies, the size, the fit, the material, so on and so forth. But something is not quite right when the lingo includes unfamiliar butcher terminologies the rib eye, the top loin, Porterhouse...Still, it doesn't fluster OUTLIER a least bit. Introducing the Wurst OUTLIER Shorts (you got to love the play on words), designed in conjunction with the good folks at Wurst Editions. Constructed from OUTLIER's signature 4Seasons fabric and at 8 1/2 inseam, the shorts is an ideal scorcher-buster, especially in the hellish 100+ degree heat that is New York summer. A gentlemanly Sweet Blue color scheme, suitable for any summer outings or occasions, along with a slight folder cuff and "sausage-tone" button at the rear left pocket. To give the concept a little more "heft", the duo enlisted the help of their local purveyor of good meats, Brooklyn's own Emily's Pork Store. Interested parties can select from 2 assortments of the Wurst OUTLIER Shorts. Traditionalist would want the Sausage Pack, which OUTLIER and Wurst Editions will pack their new favorite shorts along with 2 finest sopressata sausages (sweet and spicy) to come out of Brooklyn's from Emily's Pork Store. For those who are practicing vegetarians or just squeamish at sight of meat, there is a Vegan Pack, with only the Wurst OUTLIER Shorts. Unfortunately, customs officials have issues with "fine tasting sausages" so only Vegan Pack for those overseas.

Limited to 45 units only, the Wurst OUTLIER Shorts, in either Sausage or Vegan Pack, are available at OUTLIER online store and Wurst Editions website. In the meantime, enjoy images of the boys from Emily's Pork Store rough-housing, beautifully shot by photographer Emiliano Granado.