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ASICS x Slam Jam - "Fifth Dimension" | Video

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On the collaboration front, things have been getting quite interesting with ASICS. First, there was the collaboration with 24 Kilates and winebag maker Las Tres Z.Z.Z. and then, ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger showcased their collaborations both recent and upcoming at the ASICS + Onitsuka Tiger Family and Friends Exhibition in Berlin. Amongst the convoy of collaborators, perhaps none is as trippy as the one with Slam Jam. To really get a grasp of the mind-bending concept behind the collaboration, one would have to watch the ASICS x Slam Jam "Fifth Dimension" video, which is slightly philosophical as it explores how our changes shape the trajectory of our lives. And then it talks about a "fifth dimension" where one can live out this trajectory. Sure, the collaboration may seem to be just about sneakers, but after known the thought that went into designing the sneakers, will you only think of it as a pair of kicks? Or a tool which paves the way of your future?