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Nike x Lance Armstrong - 2010 Nike LIVESTRONG Commercial | Video

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With the exception of pristine mountain air, there is nothing innocent about tomorrow's Stage 7 on Tour de France. From the town of Tournus to the remote ski destination of Station des Rousses, the treacherous introduction to The Alps is marked with a total of 6 climbs three category 2, two category 3, and one category. The brutality of the route will start at the 40 km mark. Afterward, there will not be any level roads. Instead, the cyclists will have to deal with the see-saw effect of ascent and descent through mountain passage.

It is also on the route's practice run Lance Armstrong realized an allegory, a similarity to the battle against cancer. Aside from the ever-changing landscape of their physical well being, cancer patients have to deal with the emotional toll and psychological state, all issues too familiar to Armstrong during his battle with cancer. So on the route to Station des Rousses tomorrow, there will 2 armies hitting the road, one of the riders in the peloton, the other of the thousands of cancer patients and survivors Armstrong will be riding for.